How to make your child’s bedroom fun!

The first room many people think of when it’s time to decorate your home is the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want it to be all cosy and dreamy? Imagine waking up to a comforting breeze from a partially open window of a seaside-themed room, those rays of sunshine shimmering over your face as they stream past your cloud-imprinted curtains, in a room so relaxing and enjoyable that getting out of that snuggly, warm bed in the morning can be tough. To wake with a smile, it definitely sets your day off to a good start!

Bedroom decoration for children can be so much fun! Remember back to when you were little, it’s the phase of your life when your imagination creates situations and builds stories for all the fictional characters you’ve watched on television or read about in books, and you idealise them. Superheroes, soldiers, princesses, even their own toy cars, dolls, teddy bears and other stuffed animals can become magical animated characters in a child's mind. So why not fabricate a unique and fantastic environment for your child to explore their thoughts and help to bring their imagination to life!

You may want your child's room to look so bright and colourful, that when your friends and family visit they may feel slightly envious of this perfect environment. Or maybe after returning from a visit to a cousin or friend's house where they have seen what can be done your little ones have asked you to provide them with an amazingly decorated room too. Well, whatever the situation, you will find help and lots of great ideas at

An important part of a room where even the slightest variation can make a big difference is the wall. There are several ways you can beautify the walls and add more fun to the room, these are just a few:

    Painting a second colour on one wall to create a feature wall

    Painting all walls each with a different colour to add excitement

    Wallpaper, Stickers and Borders can make it more interesting

    Hanging hand-made craft will show-off your creativity

    Glow-In-The-Dark stars, planets or fairy stickers will make the ceiling magical

    Decorating with lights can change the entire look (for example fairy lights)

Wall décor can help give the room a new look, this is made especially fun and unique when given the ability to customise your order by adding your child's name to be printed onto a bedroom wall border, you just know they're going to love them! Some awesome ideas for boys bedrooms are Football, Military and Graffiti, then for girls décor there are some amazing themes like Butterflies, Fairy or Princess.

To add another amazing effect, you can go for ‘Glow in the Dark’ stickers. They actually give a very magical and dreamlike impression of stars, moon, planets, rockets, fairies etc. (the idea sounds incredible to adults, so imagine how it will look for a child to witness on his or her bedroom wall and ceiling).

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Children love to make-believe, forming pictures in their mind and wanting them to come to life. As parents we should nurture and develop our children's creativity, making sure that it grows with them in a positive way to expand their thoughts and eventually form great ideas which can help them through life and even help others too. Show them that wonders can lay within their room and turn it into a world where they can make magical creations of their own.

Why not let your children have important input on the project, give them the task of choosing a theme for the room, find out first hand what sparks their imagination, give them a chance to design those walls with you, then see the world that lies within them come alive! Great memories can stay with your child forever, so think about doing the best you can when you are giving them a room to remember!
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